Latest audit from Chris Cammiss: Unique Community Hub Halifax

Here we have the latest audit from Chris Cammiss who was his usual intrepid self, fearless and once again overcame lots of barriers. Together with a bit of support from Katie (Accessible Calderdale) and her husband Andy, Chris was able to get into the building and lo and behold he loved every minute of it.

Read about his experiences here:

Unique Community Hub is a beacon of hope and opportunity in Halifax’s Park Ward. Their tireless dedication to empowering young people is truly inspiring, and a recent audit visit by Chris Cammiss further solidified their remarkable achievements.

Chris, known for his intrepid spirit and unwavering commitment to accessibility, encountered some initial challenges. A narrow, cobbled road with limited parking and confusing Sat Nav directions presented obstacles. Signage for the building was also lacking, reflecting its history of various uses. Finally, a portable ramp provided the necessary access.

Chris being helped up a ramp outside the community hub
Chris on the ramp outside the community hub

A Transformation from the Outside In

However, stepping inside Unique Hub was a revelation. The stark contrast between the exterior and the interior was nothing short of astonishing. Gone were the initial challenges, replaced by a warm, inviting space overflowing with positive energy.

A full range of indoor sports facilities, a coffee bar, a gym, a big screen, and access to a vast outdoor space offered a plethora of activities for young people. This vibrant environment fosters a sense of belonging and provides a safe haven for them to explore their talents and interests.

Chris using a table tennis table as a desk. Taking notes in the Unique Community Hub
Chris using a table tennis table as a desk. Taking notes in the Unique Community Hub

Unique Hub: Empowering Young People and Beyond

Unique Hub’s impact extends far beyond the walls of their facility. Their dedication to youth development in Calderdale is commendable, reaching a significant number of young people and offering a diverse range of activities.

But their work doesn’t stop there. Their inspiring efforts to help others, both locally and abroad, demonstrate their unwavering commitment to creating a positive global impact.

Chris’s audit visit was a resounding success, highlighting the incredible work happening at Unique Community Hub. His enthusiasm for their mission is palpable, and his closing remarks, “What a great day! Looking forward to the next audit so watch this space,” leave us eagerly anticipating their continued progress.

Looking To Get Involved?

Unique Hub thrives on community support. If you’re interested in volunteering, donating, or simply learning more about their incredible initiatives, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. Their website provides further details about their programs and ways to contribute.

By supporting Unique Hub, you’re investing in the future of Halifax’s youth and fostering a more vibrant, inclusive community.

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