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New Training Course

New course for Calderdale’s cultural sector and CultureDale delivered together with Curious Motion and Visits Unlimited. Aims:

  • To give you the opportunity to see things through a disability lens
  • Think about what it means to be human and the importance of inclusion
  • Making your venue/activity more accessible
  • Improve your reach to disabled artists
  • Legal duty and reasonable adjustments
  • Language and the social model
  • Working with families

The feedback includes:

“Its opened my eyes to so many things.”

“The whole thing was fantastic!”

“The incredibly welcoming and acceptance of participants and honest, genuinely engaging contributions from each of the speakers. There was no judgement of participants existing knowledge/understanding or lack of.”

“Incredible role models.”

“Congratulations to Visits Unlimited and Curious Motion for this inaugural event – hope it will be the first of many.”

“Will ensure our staff are included in future sessions.”

“Be bold to ask and install inclusive mindset in everything we do.”

“So many practical ideas that I can work on straight away.”

“Hearing real life stories.”

“Extensive knowledge of all the trainers and how welcoming they were.”

“Would love to attend more training in the future and expand on some of the key issues in the training.”

Feedback from the training course

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More About Our Training

We have the ideal Team here at Visits Unlimited to cover all your training needs. With a wealth of teaching and training experience and that invaluable lived knowledge of disability, we are perfectly placed to offer unique courses to suit all your requirements.

Do you want the staff and management in your organisation to be comfortable and confident in meeting disabled customers – using appropriate language and creating a positive attitude and changing mindset?

We can deliver the ideal Disability Awareness course.

Would you like all your volunteers at your visitor attraction trained competently?

We can design and deliver a bespoke course for you. If you have a large team we can offer a Train the Trainer programme for you which can be replicated at any time you have new volunteers.

Do you work in the hospitality or leisure industry and want your staff team to have a welcoming attitude to all visitors and customers?

We can help you to provide an accessible and inclusive service to everyone.

Do you work outdoors with countryside and management?

We can work with you to provide an individual training programme on exactly what disabled visitors will encounter and what they will expect when they visit your park or greenspace.

All our courses include lots of participation and interaction, case studies and scenarios, your legal obligations, videos and activities, interwoven with our lived experience of disability. Our sessions are enlightening, fun and interesting.

Contact our Team to discuss your specific requirements. We will develop the perfect course for you, so staff feel happy and confident to include disabled visitors and help your business thrive.

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