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Enhancing Accessibility: Our Training and Services

Our Training

Accessibility trained, amenable and welcoming staff make all the difference to the overall experience. Whether it’s visiting a hotel, café, stately home, park and gardens, retail, community venue or business centre.

We have many years of delivering disability equality & awareness training, and customer service courses to venues, businesses, local authorities, country estates, local councils and a wide range of organisations. We offer a personalised service to make sure your staff get the best training that is going to meet your venue’s individual needs.

Accessibility Champions

We believe that within all organisations you will have people who are your Accessibility Champions. These are staff or volunteers who have a passion, an interest or lived experience of disability. We aim to skill your team so that everyone feels they are an Accessibility Champion and who can promote and ensure inclusion is imbedded into all practice at your venue or business. Read more about how we do this here.

Our Access Audits

Disabled people and their families tell us that the most important thing for them when planning a day out or holiday is to feel confident and reassured in the knowledge that a venue or a business can meet their access needs.

We can provide you with a full-access audit on your premises with a report and recommendations. We will help you write your access statement for your website and make sure your website is accessible to all.

Do give us a call or email katie@visitsunlimited.org.uk.