• A girl on an electric wheelchair in the Calderdale Countryside
  • 2 girls by a wall
  • A girl on an electric wheelchair by a Calderdale Stream

Accessibility Champions for training

We feel that all the people we train are Accessibility Champions in their own right.  That each person brings special skills and experiences to our training courses.  We aim to give participants the confidence to welcome all visitors, to have insight and awareness into the needs of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, disabilities and cultures.

We promote equality and equity for all.  Within each team you may well have people working for you who are passionate about disability and inclusion and who will lead on access issues and solutions. They will be responsible for further development within the team and promoting positive inclusive customer experiences.

We will work with you to deliver an extra module specific to those Accessibility Champions.  We will equip them with leading on promoting good practice around access, diversity and inclusion and for this to be at the heart of your business/Tourist attraction.

Each Accessibility Champion will be given their own personalised Certificate alongside our Visits Unlimited “Welcome” poster.

For more information on Accessibility Champions see Visit Britain’s document here.