My visit to Shibden Park on 10th June 2021

Shibden Park Accessibility Review: A Day with Calderdale Community Transport

Aisha Mir explores Shibden Park accessibility with Calderdale Community Transport

A trip to Shibden Park with Calderdale Community Transport turned into a valuable discussion about accessibility for wheelchair users, parents with buggies, and visitors with visual impairments.

Meeting the Park Managers

Chris Hancox and Steve Mitchel from Calderdale Community Transport provided a smooth pick-up and drop-off for Aisha and her 2-year-old son. While a slight delay due to car seat safety checks meant missing a full introduction with park manager Mark Spencer, the other park managers were incredibly welcoming.

Accessibility Concerns Raised

The group discussed accessibility challenges faced by wheelchair users, blind people, elderly visitors, and those with prams. Issues included:

  • Pot holes and uneven surfaces throughout the park
  • A dangerous bus stop and uneven road leading to the lower car park
  • Lack of accessible alternative routes around historical areas
  • Difficulty navigating the park with a pram due to steep inclines and loose surfaces like sand (used for filming purposes)

Positive Aspects and Requests for Improvement

Aisha acknowledges the park’s beauty and appreciates the improvements made, particularly the accessible path around the upper park. However, she emphasizes the need for further accessibility measures, such as:

  • An accessible path alongside the park train route for safe pedestrian movement
  • Improved signage throughout the park for better navigation, especially for first-time visitors
  • Inclusion of a changing place facility within the park toilets

A Day Filled with Connection and Hope

Despite the accessibility concerns, Aisha highlights the positive aspects of the visit:

  • Enjoying the beautiful weather
  • Reconnecting with friends after the COVID-19 lockdown
  • Indulging in a delicious mocha at the cafe

The group’s valuable discussions and suggestions for improvement leave Aisha hopeful for positive changes at Shibden Park.

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