Spring! We’re getting ready for it now.

Spring. Oh the joy of Spring and it’s just around the corner…

well sort of however we need to get planning some great things because everything wakes up in spring including our own enthusiasm.  It’s that time when we can dress in several less layers and start to see a tint of yellow in the colours around us.

I love Spring; well truth be told i’m an all rounder with any season but definately by this time of year i’m feeling the need to hurry the drab through and get to the waking up bit.  My boys are already chomping at the bit for some days out that don’t involve wellies and strict instructions to undress most layers on the doorstep before entering the house.

Stepping into Spring activities.

There are tonnes of activities we want to do and places we want to go and yes most of them take some effort, organisation and management (from our point of view), which is why in the early Spring I like to do a couple of things which are familiar to us.

What I mean is we go to somewhere we have been before (or highly recommended by a friend) so that we know what we are expecting. It kind of warms us up to the new routines of days out and making those big pushes to get the family organised and out the door on a regular basis.

We’ve started the ball rolling but would love you’re ideas as well; here’s our 5 ‘Spring Starters;’

  1. There’s never a dull moment at The Deep in Hull. No matter how many times we step foot through those doors we are never disappointed. The wow factor it has is still very exciting and I think I still say the word; ‘wow’ in just about every sentence when I walk around.  Everything from amazing species of fish and information to spectacular customer care. The Deep is a must and if you haven’t yet been – get it booked in your diary you won’t be disappointed!
  2. Halifax is a town steeped in History of Industries and a great place to visit in Dean Clough Mills. Culture and Art (6 free gallery spaces), performance programmes, food and cafes, there’s a Jack Wills outlet and it’s home to our very own Halifax local radio station the Phoenix. There is a car park and charges do apply but it’s worth visiting and from there you can go on to the Piece Hall With a multitude of shops, outdoor concerts and plays and space to roam and then from there…
  3. Eureka! Most of your day will be spent here and it isn’t just for the kids. Autism and learning disability friendly, the staff and facilities are awesome. I can not recommend this little gem of Calderdale enough AND it’s right on the other side of the train station for easy access. There is parking and charges apply BUT Eureka! does accept the MAX card which allows the Max card holder and one carer in for free so the whole day is yours there. With inside and outside activities you’ll definately need to come back again and again.
  4. If you’re in the midlands then it’s a must to go via the National Space Centre. I remember watching it being built all those years ago and it was utterly exciting to see the space rocket get taken in. Anyway back to the point; there are designated disability parking places but if I remember there are parking charges. Disabled toilets and wheelchair access, large print and induction loops are all available and I found the staff there extremely approachable on both booking and once there.         The centre truly is out of this world and we loved it!
  5. The Jorvik centre in York. My hometown and our educational school days out was in places like the Jorvik centre so it holds a special place in my heart and also up my nose. You’ll understand if you go because there are real smells (imagine those aroma’s from the very olden days, well they have done a great job recreating them) and other sensory rich experiences as you travel back in time in this awesome place.  The website is accessibility friendly and there is information around bookings. It does state that if you are a wheelchair user you must prebook first due to their safety regulations but a very warm welcome awaits you and a great (sometimes stinky) experience.

I can already hear more birds singing in the morning when I wake up, the days are just beginning to feel a little longer and now at the end of this post I really can’t wait. Some sun shining down, family walks and chats and the start of picnics. Bring on Spring!

We will come back with more, but please share with us your great days out that will ease us back into Spring and maybe some Easter egg hunts along the way.