Clumber Park, a National Trust Accessible Day Out

Clumber Park a last minute idea

National Trust days out provide us with calmness, interest, space, nature and entertainment. We like to roam the UK and discover new places to explore and having a National Trust membership allows us to do this within the safety of good expectations as in we know generally what we will experience when we arrive.

Clumber Park was last weeks destination to try out for the first time. We wanted to go somewhere to escape the rain up in the West so we drove down and found this lovely spot.

3800 acres of park and garden waited for us and even in our eager walking boots we knew we couldn’t remotely explore that so we settled for some woodland walks with the squirrels (a lot of squirrels), around the lake with the swans which were beautiful and elegantly dressing the lake in their whiteness. Being bird watching fans and proud members of the RSPB it was a nice suprise to know that so many different types of birds frequent the area.


The pathways are well maintained but it would be difficult through the woodland area as the pathways here are not that wide and winter debris are scattered well. However there are plenty of paths to take and there’s a lovely lake to walk around hosted by the wonderful swans comfortably minding there own business with the occasional showing off of their grandness.

We made it into the cafe before it closed and there wasn’t one disappointed member of our clan as they tucked into the many cakes and scones ordered.


A warm welcome, nice walks with open skies and it was a dry day. Perfect.