It’s World Autism Awareness Time

Are you aware of autism?

How are you using this week to help you?

A lot of people have heard of this disability, it’s a word we hear a lot but there’s still a lot of education needed on this subject.

Let me through some questions out to give you some food for thought;

  • Do you understand about it?
  • Do you really know what it is?
  • Do your staff have an awareness of the needs of someone who is autistic?
  • Is your visitor centre / attraction autism friendly?

Here are 7 known facts about autism 

  1. Approximately 67 million people world wide are affected by this disability.
  2. Each individual is different.
  3. Asperger syndrome is a higher functioning form of autism.
  4. Many individuals can experience a reduced sensitivity to pain however may be extra sensitive to sounds, visual stimuli and touch.
  5. Many people believe that autistic children are not affectionate, this isn’t always the case. People who are autistic can be affectionate but also touch sensitive.
  6. It may be difficult for an individual to hold eye contact, a structured conversation, they may lose interest and focus whilst you are talking to them.
  7. Families and carers who support an individual with autism need help and support.

Number 7 is definately where you come in.

Autism affects roughly 1 in 100 children in the UK and this statistic covers only those diagnosed.  Autism is not a learning disability but it is a disability, this affects schooling, peers and social learning as the child grows. Many children are excluded and can be isolated, parents face practical and emotional challenges and can also be isolated and excluded from their own social groups.  A day out may need meticulous planning, detailed detailing and constant managing of behaviour, boundaries and vigilance of where they are and who they are with during their time out.

  • There are so many resources available for you to tap into to support autism awareness amongst your staff.
  • Simple to more detailed adjustments can be made to support visitors which can make all the difference to their experience with you; which Visits Unlimited can support you with.

You can make a difference right now by participating in the awareness of autism week, this disability that affect 67 million people around the world and the number is rising.  Make your visitor attraction welcome to everyone, support your staff to develop the awareness so that they can help provide the best days out for families.

World Autism Awareness Week