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Our latest feedback on our training from The Deep…

The Deep is delighted to welcome half a million visitors a year and the training delivered by VisitsUnlimited helps its Crew to see these customers as individuals.  VisitsUnlimited has taken considerable time and effort to understand The Deep’s business which, in turn, has meant that Crew report that they feel better equipped to deal with the individual needs of visitors.

Training feedback has included: how good body language can a key aid to positive communication, a greater appreciation of The Deep’s accessibility and how some preconceptions about other people have been washed away.

One recurring theme from Crew feedback has been how the course improves their empathy towards others, and how they subsequently recognise what great impact they can have on someone’s visit through relatively subtle changes in attitude and behaviour.  The spotlight of the country is on Hull in 2017 during its year as City of Culture and Crew continue to appreciate VisitsUnlimited’s work in helping to respond to the challenges of increased expectation of excellence.

The Deep feels that everyone at VisitsUnlimited is an integrated part of its team, not a mere ‘off-the-shelf’ training provider.

Our response…

We are proud to have our efforts recognised because we care deeply about the impact that our training has. The Visits Unlimited team is a collaborative of personal experience and professional experience. This isn’t just about loving what we do, we have a purpose. We were thrilled to receive news that The Deep were a finalist in this exclusive award; well done to The Deep team!

Every client of ours is important and we give our full attention to delivering the right programme for them, their business and their staff so that their visitors are welcomed and cared for on their day out.

We put the work in because our clients put the work and the most important people in this receive the benefit.