Winter where we can all play out.

Winter is here and we’d like you to share your top activity tips.

From the layers of woolly jumpers and thick socks to finally switching on the central heating and lighting the fire i’ve succumbed to winter.  Although i’m not quite sure what happened with that recent snow blip, however we did get to build a small snow dog and some snow rabbits with the white flakes that came a little early.

Now though, the snow has gone as quick as it came and the boys are left wondering if that’s it on the entertainment front.

It certainly doesn’t have to be and I wonder what great ideas you all have? Please share them.

Let us know your:

  • Top days out for winter walks, fun, activities
  • Maybe shorter activities in house or out in the wilderness and anywhere in between
  • Maybe great websites and resources you’ve found and think other could benefit from

There’s one I was looking at this weekend which is Accessible Guide, they have a great little book you can get which lists some brilliant activities and days out that span the UK so i’m sending off for mine.

Winter adventures

…can sometimes feel just like that, a mammoth adventure but these can be fun. Cold, crisp forrest walks with a hot chocolate or ginger tea afterwards to warm up. Gathering sticks and making christmas decorations, pine cones and silver paint, trimming some wild holly bushes for hanging around for the centre peace on christmas day.

Or a little wilder?

Our christmas last year to us to Stockeld Park and the boys had an amazing time. The whole day catered for my 15 year old and my 6 year old as well as us oldies trying the nordic ski thing, the enchanted forest, the ice skating and that huge awesome maze (where we did actually manage to lose each other).  It was all brilliant and worth the money.

Then there are times we walk locally, we are fortunate to have the south pennines as our back garden as well as the National Trust area called Hard Castle Craggs where you can walk flat, hike up, trail run, mountain bike, sip hot drinks and drink warm soup at the cafe in between getting as muddy as you want to.

Over to you

Share your tips with us and our followers so we can keep winter a great adventure like we have in the warmer months, only with a few more layers on and a flask of tea…