Keeping Winter Accessible

Keeping Winter Accessible

‘Tis the season to be jolly…” Or so they sing because for some, Winter provides many more challenges than their normally challenged day.  A winter accessible is very possible but does require extra management, resources and attention. I wasn’t aware of the scale of it until a friend of mine who is a wheelchair user came out with me for the day to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

We had a brilliant day and accessibility was great but as my friend pointed out all the places where it could have been a different story, I was quite shocked.

How we can you support a winter accessible for all?

Consider the risks experienced; from the cold and risk of frost bite and hypothermia to icy paths and snowy damaged areas. The  obstructive wet leaves littered and piles that if left can also freeze and cause issues.  Sometimes those who are at risk don’t venture out as much and experience more isolation.

From decreasing daylight to winter blues or SAD; there are many ways you can support your visitors to have as greater day in the winter as they would in the spring.

  • Are your parking signs clear?
  • Plan ahead with snow, ice and leaf management.
  • Is your lighting good so that moving around the grounds outside is easy and clear?
  • If you provide wheelchairs or scooters, have you had them winter serviced? Did you know you can get snow tyres for your wheelchair?
  • Ask for feedback from your visitors, they are the best ones to provide it.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast to get the heads up on action required to continue pathways, car parks, entrances stay clear.

Help make winter accessible and safe, help it stay magical and open for as many people to enjoy it as possible.