Well done team!

A nice little surprise for us

197 emails sat in my inbox after having a few days out of the office but one of them really brightened my day.

We had been informed by stair lift reviews that they were enjoying our blogs so much that they placed us on their 100 Best Blogs for Disabled People and Carers.
So a huge thank you to everyone at Visits Unlimited who contribute to the work we do and blog about, a big shout out for all those who bring us in to train them and create more awareness, A big shout out to all those who live with a disability, their family and carers who work tirelessly to continue opening horizons and experiences and a big thank you to www.stairliftsreviews.co.uk for recognising our work.
Our passion is our purpose and our purpose is our passion, it’s a team effort and our community is amazing.
Thank you everyone.
From the Visits Unlimited Team : )