Accessibility Training. Synesthesia through my eyes.

Synesthesia through my eyes.

Put simply, Synesthesia is a condition where your senses “leak” into each other.

I first noticed it at primary school. When we learnt the days of the weeks and the names of the months every name had a clear colour in my mind which has stuck for life. The colours never change and I can find no reason why a particular name has a particular colour!

Association is colour rich

So Monday is dirty grey, Tuesday bright green, Wednesday smooth, light brown, Thursday bright yellow, Friday thick chocolate brown, Saturday pure white, Sunday navy blue.

Months? January pale blue, February brown, March almost black, April yellow, June pale blue, September red, November dark blue……..

Everyone’s name is coloured – for ever.

Sometimes you even get a texture, so Brenda is orange and very fluffy.


Information translates in a way that’s hard to explain.

I’m a very good mathematician but it’s hard to explain how I work out answers as it’s all colours and patterns. As I’m calculating the numbers are coloured and in my minds eye they are forming perfect patterns, filling the gaps, keeping their colours and so on, so I will often know I’m close to the answer because the pattern is almost complete but I can’t begin to explain how I know!

Best is music which has always been my passion and release (although I can’t play a note!)

As I’m listening colours form in my head, swirling and changing. I put on headphones and I’m away! I can still see normally but my heads full of the colours.

Probably saved my life at Uni. Several friends were experimenting with hallucinogenics like LSD. When they described what they experienced listening to music I realised I was there already! I didn’t need any drugs – I’ve been high all my life!