Summer splash! The place to go right here…

Ready for a summer splash?

Okay so as much as we’d like to we can’t actually get in there with them but a summer holiday is not complete without swinging by The Deep in Hull for some spectacular penguin action and they even have sawfish enjoying the 2.5 million litres of water provided for them to swim in. This is no ordinary fish display, it’s a spectacular eco system of its own independence and nurtured so well that when you’re there, you’re really there.

They have salt water, fresh water and mini beasts – oh and not forgetting those utterly cute penguins that my oldest son particularly loves. This exhibition is one of very few where I never heard either of my boys say once; ‘can we go now?’ We loved everything.

The lights, the colours, the information, the care and respect for ocean life and education of that is just life expanding.

You get to explore how the seas have evolved and changed over the course of the earth developing – that’s me sorted for an hour, you could leave me right there absorbing that time line with engrossed interest that’s difficult to break.

It’s so exciting! The kingdom of Ice, the viewing tunnel, the lagoon, the research they are part of in the oceans with the coral – you’re fit to burst by the end of the day!

Best thing…

It’s totally accessible and so easy to plan your day on their website or speak to one of their well trained and very helpful members of their customer service and experience team.

Enjoy your day and tell us how you found it we’d love to hear from you.