A Short Film For Awareness

A short film about Autism gets red carper treatment.

This short film is amazing to watch and describes with such heart the challenges of growing up with autism, this short film is based on twin brothers Shaun and Kevin and their experiences growing up in the 1980’s.

I was touched at how powerful it was and although I could sit there and recognise the huge leaps we have made in education, accessibility and attitudes around people who live with learning disabilities, Aspergers and or autism it is still easy to see that we still have such a long way to go.

Autism is still largely misunderstood and the consequence of this is that the information that is available doesn’t yet universally reach out to create an understanding and therefore allow for progressive public awareness and care of individuals with autism as well as their family, friends and carers.

Twin Brothers Worlds Apart is also in book form and written by Kevin as it such a fantastic and real read, it really allowed me as the reader to journey through how Kevin saw the world and sees the world now. That small amount of understanding was so moving and changed how I listen to, observe and respond to my friend’s son who has autism.

Kevin Healey

Has been campaigning for autism rights for the last 10 years and researching through his work he has clearly made a huge difference with  his passion for creating awareness. I will be researching further into his work for my own personal interest and watching the movement that he is creating expand and evolve. Kevin founded NSAAA (North Staffs Aspergers Autism Association in 2001 and it is definitely worth visiting his blog and reading through the information he shares.

A recommended read and definitely a guy to follow.