Our purpose our message is powerful.

Our purpose our message is very clear.

We love what we do, we have a passion for what we do and we have a purpose.

Our message is clear, we all can have a day out filled with wonderful, fun and happy memories.  In fact our message is so clear, our passion and our purpose easy to see that The Deep in Hull invited us back in for a 3rd time to train more of their staff teams.

The welcome we received.

We love going to The Deep, their training room is always set up and ready for us and when the staff team arrive for their training their is always immediate chatter, humour and a relaxed atmosphere. Then we start.

As I mentioned a moment ago, Katie and I have delivered 3 training sessions now and every time we do this we feel our message gets stronger. We deliver legislation, we deliver common sense, we deliver heart to heart stories that help people connect with our loved ones who have a disability. We deliver humour, we deliver passion, we deliver a purpose for people to change their behaviours, adapt their practices and create accessibility.

We help staff who work in visitor centres, attractions and venues to connect with their purpose to support those amazing memories that a day out can bring to every individual who comes.

Who makes a difference?

Every person within the team makes a difference to every person who comes into their venue or attraction; you make a difference.

Never stop making a difference to everyone, never stop helping great memories to be made.

Once again a huge thank you to the management team and the staff at The Deep in Hull, we had an awesome day as always.

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