We need your help right now.

We want to be heard and now’s a time to speak up.

We’ve been asked to reach out to our members, followers and friends to contribute to a great opportunity and we quite rightly jumped in it.


Would you share your experiences and suggestions around accessibility and London?

We have a chance now to take your experiences to a representative group for disabled individuals to the Greater London Authority to take accessibility into their strategic planning of London in 2019, this already includes the subject of more Changing Places but we want to take much more as this is a great chance to get heard.

But we have to ACT NOW

We are looking to include the voices of young people and adults with complex needs and disabilities, families and carers. Every opportunity we can get or we can create is a great opportunity to continue voicing our presence together as a whole community. We want to contribute and we’d like to take your voices with us to so if you have any experiences or suggestions to share with us then please do and we will pass them on.

Thank you in advance

The Visits Unlimited TeamĀ