Hearing Loop – What is is about?

Hearing Loop why have one in your reception?

Because about 11 million of us use them, translate that into your business and the language here is great customer service which increases profit.

But do you and your understand understand what this system is? Recently I was talking to a bank cashier about them because there’s was broken making things slightly more difficult. There wasn’t much empathy or understanding when she informed me (the bank was really busy and noise level around me energetic) so she couldn’t connect with my moment of nervousness as I was holding the queue up.

Instead of feeling anxious about this I decided to use this moment and have some positive dialogue which resulted in a much deeper understanding of this little box and blue sticker.

Hearing Support Systems

Induction loop systems and other hearing support systems allow us to pick up sounds more clearly, magnificent when there’s a wall of glass between us or the environment is busy and distracting with movement. The induction loop reduces the sound around us – the back ground noise – therefore making you and your words clearer to us.

Our hearing aids will (normally) increase all noise, they don’t filter like a healthy working ear will do.

Hearing Loops; do you have the right one?

A Counter Loop.

Great for reception areas where there is front line customer contact. They are usually stored out of sight and the microphone is the only visible part of the mechanism. The bank I was in had the Counter Loop due to the glass security screen as well as the environment being a busy one.

A Room Loop.

Great for conferences and lectures. Ever sat in a cinema or conference room where the acoustics have been really bad? I was at a conference recently on communication and even my hearing friends were struggling and missing parts of the lecture Рnot such great communication there. If you have a venue that offers conference facilities we would recommend getting a room loop in place.

A Portable Loop.

Both of my son’s schools use these are they are brilliant. Portable, easy to clip on and use and no installation. There are limitations to these though so do consider the others ones first.

An Infrared System.

A little like a room loop but much more high tech. The receiver wheres a neck loop which receives the sounds. The transmitter converts the sound from the speaker into infrared light that is then sent to the receiver.


Hearing Loops or Induction Loops allow us to feel much more confident and focused when we can use them, if you need more information or guidance on which ones to buy then contact company such as Action Hearing Loss 

…and if yours does break, please make it a priority to have fixed but if you have your induction loop serviced regularly then you will get a lot of milage out of it.

Thank you