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One common learning outcome request we have for the training we run is related to building confidence, skills and awareness in response to the diversity in UK society and in anticipation of increased numbers of international visitors – particularly greater visitor numbers from Asia that’s anticipated.

Typically poor service initiates from a lack of awareness and confidence rather than an employee deliberately being unjust or discriminatory. When we approach diversity from a disability perspective we often find out that most delegates attending have got some connection with disability, whether it is someone they know well, a family member, or an elderly relative with a condition such as Dimentia. A basis for understanding culture and diversity is to reflect on personal experiences.

When we talk of ‘communication confidence’ we understand that non verbal communication is critical to visitors with impairments. So questioning technique is important but so too, tone of voice and body language awareness.

Importance of Body Language

“Since we have the ‘loud’ spoken word, do we need anything else?

It’s very easy to underestimate the importance and influence of body language, yet studies show that only 7% of our communication is verbal which makes a staggering 93% of our communication non-verbal.

We are programmed to respond to and believe in the non-verbal message far more than the verbal and this is hard wired into us through evolution, therefore getting our ‘non-verbal talk’ right is essential for us whether personal, social or professional.

Knowing this, we can clearly see just how vital it is to be aware of the signals that we give out and how easy it can be, to misinterpret or be misinterpreted ourselves.

Learning the non-verbal language will maximize communication and positive influence in all areas of our lives, it is the language that we first learnt, it is the language that crosses over barriers and cultures. The non-verbal language is the most powerful and the most connecting way that we can continually improve the quality of all our relationships.”

Karen Hickton.

Our expert associate Karen Hickton has designed a session specifically addressing this critical knowledge slotted into our ‘Customer Service For All’ course session. Karen’s training received a huge ‘thumbs up’ during our training session to employees of The Deep. Karen’s new module on body language and communication skills got participants thinking hard about themselves and how they come across to both disabled and non-disabled customers from the UK and abroad.

For more information on our ‘customer service for all’ course refer to our face to face training sessions on our site and then get in touch.

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