Training Packages

Training packages with a difference.

We like a challenge and Dunham Massey gave us one, our 7 hour training programme condensed into 2 hours.  Katie being Katie can make anything happen so taking the great gems from the course she created this pocket sized training programme that packs a punch.

Feedback? Well one of the managers at Dunham Massey said the same thing as what staff said at The Deep for example, stating that our training, whilst focusing on great accessibility for visitors and for staff who have a disability; is as much focused on great customer care and service for all visitors. ┬áThat’s the feedback we wanted because then we know that we got it right.

If there’s one thing that being parents of children with disabilities has taught us it’s adaptability. We want to get the message across, we want our great visitors attractions in the UK to have the best and most accurate information and the best confidence building training.

That’s our focus and we keep our values at the core of any planning of programmes we make. So even though we delivered a 2 hour session taken from our prime programme, we got the messages across we wanted too and we delivered content that was immediately applicable to situations, thought provoking for future development for their centre and confidence building for their staff.

Now we are rolling out this programme so send us an email now and find out how and when we can deliver a great training package to your attraction or centre and let’s get you on the accessibility map.