Supporting Partially Sighted Visitors

Supporting partially sighted visitors have a great day out.

You want to provide a great day out for your visitors and you want to make sure that your business or attraction is accessible for people who experience life with a disability.  By providing a safe and welcoming environment that offers clear directional support you will create an enjoyable experience for partially sighted people to thoroughly immerse themselves into and enjoy.

Some of your visitors may find it difficult to speak up, speak out for what they want and what they need.  They may not be able to protect themselves in certain environments and unless an environment is designed with safety in mind, there is a safe guarding issue.

There are so many things we can do to support visitors who a partially sighted here are a few easy to access changes:

  • Paint a white strip on every step so that each step is easy to distinguish and each step can be taken more safely.
  • The size of your sign, it’s print, the colours used and the type of font you have.
  • Information, directions and instructions in offered in brail or talking points.
  • Clear signs that show support for access of guide dogs and making them welcome with water points for their comfort.
  • Training for staff so that they can immediately tap into positive, direct verbal communication when talking to visitors because we so often rely on non verbal communication we can easily misrepresent ourselves and leave the visitor feeling unheard and frustrated.
  • Keep pathways clear, remove obstacles.

Already you will be thinking about your attraction or business and the environment, your policies and what you can do to make things easier. Why not check out the RNIB for more information about how you can make your area more welcoming, safer and accessible for people who are partially sighted.