RAF Cosford, great accessible day out!

RAF Cosford 5 stars. Cost effective, educational, fun and accessible day out and we loved it.

When there’s a group of 12 of you, you want to spend a few hours in a place that’s easy and enjoyable for all the family and we found it. Easy to find off the motorway and perfect on a Sunday morning with the more quiet energy of road. We rocked up and found the parking without any issues (parking was £3.00). Disabled parking bays thoughtfully marked and positioned, they were all full when we arrived however we had no issues parking and logistics were no more difficult for us.

RAF Cosford was a welcoming and warm building. Spacious as soon as you went in, coffee shop right there (nice prices), spacious seating and toilets all there when you first enter as well. This museum is free entry but donations are welcome. History and time lines up on the walls and the learning journey begins.  The pathway route that leads you round the museum and displays are wide, smooth and pleasurable to be on, there were a many wheel chair users there when we were and from what I saw (please note that I am not a wheel chair user myself), the manoeuvrability for individuals wasn’t compromised.

Straight outside for the first bit with some beautiful little and not so little planes proudly retired and displayed.  Engineering through the years is a pretty magnificent thing to see and they literally have so many different planes from all eras of the 1900’s.

The kids loved it and my eldest son who has learning disabilities found it relaxing, he was able to deal wonderfully with the level of stimulation and especially joined in on the science behind aviation design. It was a pleasurable and unrushed experience we would definitely go to again.

 Check it out…