Karen Hickton our New Trainer

It’s time to say hello!

Things seem to evolve quickly in the world of visits unlimited so it’s taken me a few weeks to finally get round to introducing myself.

So here I finally am with a big hello, my name is Karen Hickton and I’m the newest member of this amazing and dynamic team.

The team is made up of various professionals bringing something different providing a modernised service, it’s a fantastic team.

What I bring

The speciality I bring is my body language expertise and experience.

I coach in the confidence to communicate with customers regardless of communication difficulties or language barriers.

The confidence to support individuals, families and carers with needs, avoiding conflict or dealing with conflict if it arises.

From managing situations to leading teams focused on accessibility, body language training is hugely influential and powerful. It is the immediate and most effective tool in customer management that creates a customers positive experience.

I have worked in the fields of trauma, therapy and coaching for nearly 2 decades.  Now my main focus is coaching other coaches and therapists to create successful and thriving practices. Find out more here; www.kaizeninsight.com.

Post 5pm and weekends

Spare time? Well when I get that I’m either with the kids or scuttling off up a hill or mountain somewhere in the Lakes.

I love yoga and travelling but nothing beats a good book and some chilled out time in peace and quiet.  I have just bought a paddle board so watch this space, this could prove interesting.

Where is my drive from?

Having a son who is disabled, I know all to well the complex issues that can and commonly arise when we go out.  These issues can make or break the happiness of a family day and considering life can be somewhat of a struggle, this can be a big disappointment.

Although the culture and awareness is changing it is still far behind and lagging in certain areas. More and more people are being registered disabled in the UK every year and the statistics are pretty high anyway.

Businesses have a responsibility to employ inclusive policies and behaviour in work places and our communities.

People living with disabilities contribute immensely to our families, to our friendships and to our communities there are no reasons to exclude them from these great experiences that enrich and connect us all?

I work with a team focused team who are dissolving obstacles disabled people face.  Because today’s market is so competitive, Visits Unlimited provide especially relevant training in an area close to my heart.

Finally I reach the end of my introduction, feel free to email Visits Unlimited if you have any questions about me.

Karen Hickton