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 We would like to thank our friends at ADiAccess for their article and an update on the Purple Pound:

At ADi Access we have a bit of a bee in our bonnet about changing the perception that providing proper ‘Access’ for millions of people in the UK will somehow be costly and a waste of time for the businesses involved.

Although we are focused primarily on those with a sight impairment we are regularly reminded that most people just don’t think about the obvious when it comes to adequately catering for all.

In fact, it’s that common that we have a Pinterest board dedicated to ‘You only had one job’ which shows an ever increasing number of images that show some, frankly, idiotic choices made by people when designing buildings and facilities for disabled access.


But why does it happen?

Is it just carelessness?

Maybe a ‘not my job’ attitude?

We can’t answer that question but we think we can answer this one.


When you think of access to public facilities you might be forgiven for thinking “Well who would benefit from this?”


We get this a lot and the answer is simple, “Everyone who provides publicly accessible facilities”, the list is probably longer than we can imagine, needless to say you could probably think of a few…

Our company is based in Cornwall so with tourism such a large part of our economy we thought we’d do a bit of research and see what, if anything, Cornish tourist businesses might be missing by only ticking the ‘disabled access’ box.

That’s when we unearthed these amazing facts and decided to put them all together into one post about the ‘Purple Pound’.   See it and believe it!

Author: Spencer Hassell – Operations Director – ADi Access