The Deep, Hull, UK. A truly accessible experience.

Team Annie decided to go to one of the UK’s top attraction, The Deep, a spectacular aquarium.  Annie wanted to see the penguins (so did I).  Would we experience  the hype of a totally accessible venue or would we be left floundering in the deep end!  Here’s our rating.

Dedicated access entrance.

Arrival & Parking – 5 stars

It doesn’t get any better than this.  Signposts of the main routes are super so no getting lost and flustered before we arrived.  We knew where to go as we downloaded the access guide off the website.

Met at the entrance to the carpark by a welcoming marshal who directed us to the disabled parking bays.  It’s a dedicated entrance for disabled visitors where we found level access, loads of spaces and clearly marked signage stating ‘free parking for disabled.’

Access – 5 stars

The facility is ramped throughout so Annie was independent throughout the whole experience. Particular nice touches included raised tables in the café so Annie could slot her chair in and not drop food down her front as a result of trying to reach for her meal (her tartan dress stayed crumb free).

Raised tables for Annie's chair
Raised tables for Annie’s chair

Many of the exhibits are interactive – grab, turn, twist stuff round as well at watch listen and learn experiences.


Toilets – 3 stars

The only area for improvement is the toilets. They are clearly signposted and placed all around the site so no chance of delays and possible accidents as a result, but they are small. The ‘crew’ team will offer assistance and there is the use of the first aid room to change Annie if I’d needed to, avoiding the humiliation of changing her on the deck!

Staff – 5 stars

Dedicated access team meet you at the entrance and take your booking – no hassles over proof or negotiations on ticketing prices. There is the offer of help throughout the experience if required and a big smile from everyone for Annie and her team. We were made to feel special throughout the whole experience. It was noticeable how many disabled visitors were there on the day and how many young couples with buggies were enjoying the day. What more could you ask for.

Great day out and going back again – and it’s free next time for repeat visits for all of us!!