Disability awareness training & its value

When it comes to customer care, the value is in the care.

Tourist attractions are in abundance making it a very competitive area of the market.  Many attributes make an attraction / venue stand out above the rest but one is the quality of the experience. This however is a huge field to cover so let’s stick with our area of interest – disability awareness training.

There are some venues which provide an off the shelf customer service training for their staff. There are others who go much deeper and wider because they know what this will do for their business outcomes.

There is still a huge hole in accessibility and equality training. We know because we are a team who either have a disability we live with ourselves, or we have children and family members who experience some form of disability. We know the areas that are lacking because we see it first hand.

The value of disability awareness training

Why is there a need for specific disability awareness training?  After all, surely great customer service training should meet the needs of all customers, irrespective of their needs?   We don’t agree.

Katie Clarke of Visits Unlimited states that venues that offer great customer service for disabled visitors ensures great customer service for everyone.   It makes sense as a provision to meet additional needs of your customers suggests higher level of customer service expertise. It shows keener attention to processes and provision of services and overall finer attention to detail. These are aspects that naturally assume a higher level of personal approach and attention, hallmarks of great service.

So we think disability awareness training takes customer service to a higher level and empowers personnel with greater confidence and understanding to meet the needs of clients they serve.

Click on the link for the opinion of business leaders on this subject with Katie making her case.