Changing Places and Official Sponsor Aveso arrange Premier Campaigner Day at prestigious Proact Stadium

Changing Places


Following on from another highly successful year for Changing Places, there is now over 700 Changing Places registered in the UK which include major Airports, Premiership Football Clubs, Supermarkets and Hospitals as well as a range of Changing Places successes overseas in the USA and Australia.

Changing Places are an essential facility for users with profound and multiple learning difficulties and their carers where a standard accessible toilet does not provide the correct equipment required by the user. A Changing Places toilet (if compliant with BS8300:2009) is fitted with a Hoist, Changing Bench, Peninsular Toilet, Grab Rails and a Wash Basin as well as enough space for turning and carers. Changing Places make a substantial difference to thousands of people’s lives each day by offering the correct facilities for changing and toileting to enable more people the opportunity to plan days out and use a safe and reliable facility.

The very first Changing Places Conference will take place on February 21st 2015 at 10am at Chesterfield FC’s Proact Stadium. The Event will be an informative and collaborative day which will include interactive workshops, awards and a number of experienced and respected guest speakers including Accessible Derbyshire, The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity and Visits Unlimited and many more! Changing Places and Aveso welcome campaigners existing, new or future to join the event to find ideas, support and information on how the Changing Places Campaign can and will continue to grow and how everyone can get involved to achieve this. After all, Changing Places would be nowhere without the hard work and support of the campaigners and experienced families.

Rossanna Trudgian, from Mencap, and Co-chair of the Changing Places consortium commented; “Since the campaign launched, we have seen hundreds of Changing Places toilets installed across the UK, including at key transport hubs like Heathrow airport and Kings Cross station, stadiums like Wembley and the Emirates, as well as hospitals, concert arenas and city centres. The availability of Changing Places also helped make the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games the most accessible games to date! So much of this success is because of Changing Places campaigners like those attending on February 21st. Champions of our cause. The Changing Places Conference is about honouring and celebrating everything they do to help spread awareness and recognition of the true value of and need for Changing Places toilets.

However, whilst progress has been made, more are needed if we are to meet the demand for Changing Places toilets and to see them in all public areas so that nobody every has to be changed on a toilet floor. We hope that the Changing Places Conference marks the first of many events like this so that we can continue to spread the word about Changing Places far and wide.”

The Changing Places Conference is taking place in partnership with the official sponsor Aveso who provide technical advice and equipment for Changing Places. The Proact Stadium, which is the chosen venue for The Changing Places Conference 2015 is fully accessible and has a full Changing Places fitted by Aveso.

As experts in the patient transfer and care industry, OpeMed and Astor Bannerman form the joint venture; Aveso as the official sponsor and manufacturer of The Changing Places Campaign. Please click on the links above for more information on Changing Places equipment including Ceiling Hoists, Changing Tables and Washbasins.

How to Attend: Registration for the event is completed online and must be received by Wednesday 18th February for entrance to the conference. For full details of Changing Places and the Changing Places Conference taking place on February 21st at Chesterfield FC’s The Proact Stadium (The Hub) please contact 01242 822979 or via twitter on @CP_Consortium @AvesoCP @OpeMed @AstorBannerman #CPConf2015.

You can book online at whoozin?