Visits Unlimited working with Euan’s Guide.

Visits Unlimited and the award winning Euan’s Guide

Visits Unlimited are delighted to be working collaboratively with the award winning Euan’s Guide.

Who and What is Euan’s Guide?

Put simply, Euan’s Guide is an easy to navigate website where you can leave or read disabled access reviews.  The website aims to ‘remove the fear of the unknown.’

As diligent as we are with planning our family days out to ensure as many bases are covered, there can be so much that websites don’t tell us. The bits that we really need to know such as steps, disabled toilets, dining places and other areas that may create obstacles. This guide is well known, well used website where we can share our experiences, top tips and the bits that websites don’t tell us.  Euan’s guide achieves what it sets out to, it helps remove the uncertainty therefore the fear of the unknown.

I personally have used Euan’s guide and found it invaluable and not just at home in pre planning mode, we were out and about on the go, an opportunity came up to visit an attraction and I figured i’d have a quick look on the guide and it was green light for us. An awesome day out was had and I felt it was a valuable resource for me to use at that time so it’s a definite recommendation from.

If you like the idea why not help out?

The community spirit is positive and valuable but requires our input as parents, loved ones, family, friends and carers to put our experiences on there. You can also help out by spreading the word so that more and more people sign up and share.

Why not check it out and have a browse or use it now for those autumn trips:

Euan’s Guide link