Feedback from Kenwood House Training Delegates

Kenwood House staff feedback and have their say…

We get lots of great feedback from our clients and venues across the country.  Here is a wonderful example of a training session we did with an English Heritage attraction, Kenwood House.

“very useful to discuss difficult scenarios”

“knowing how to approach disabled people and the importance of the first contact”

“Personal description of the visitor journey for families with disabled children was incredibly eye-opening – if it could be bottled and sent to all organisations the access would be so much improved”

“I am going to think about access champions at each venues to advocate for families with disabled children”

“wonderful, thank you”

“Hearing from experienced families with disabled children was most interesting. And the practical discussions”

“Fantastic, REAL experiences, knowledgeable and active trainers, well engaged in the heritage community and local community groups”

“this training gave me awareness of disability and culture and the impact of families”

“I now am now more confident and certain how to make people with disabilities welcome and for me to be as helpful as possible”

“I honestly think this training was fantastic”

“I found this training very useful and engaging. It made me understand how families with disabled children live their every day lives”

Thank you for this feedback and we look forward to rolling out our training to more venues keen to improve their accessibility offer.