Aveso works with Expert Training Team

We are delighted to be linking up with Aveso and Changing Places in offering venues advice and facilities that make for a truly accessible experience for disabled visitors.  Thank you for such a great show of support Aveso. (see below)

DECEMBER 2, 2014

As the Changing Places Campaign strengthens and grows in the UK, we are developing a greater understanding of the considerations surrounding Changing Places and the venues they are situated within so that we can offer the right level of support.

One of our roles as the sponsor of Changing Places has come to focus on the relationships surrounding the campaign. We believe that in order to uphold a successful facility there needs to be an understanding from the venue of the importance of a Changing Places room, training within the staff on the facility and an encouragement of signage and promotion. In order to do this we are building relationships with Changing Places advocates and professionals who have built years of expertise in the importance of accessibility and what it means not only to the users but also the positives for a venue too.
As a team of professionals with passion and experience; not only in the commercial benefits of accessibility but also of the real life challenges disability, Visits Unlimited and Aveso have joined forces. We are working together to further enhance the power of a Changing Places by education, training and encouragement. Visits Unlimited are a community interest company with over 35 years experience of personal insight in disabled visitor experience. Katie and Matt from “VU”, work tirelessly within the tourist industry to develop the visitor journey and what it would mean for that venue to offer an adaptation or facility for disabled users. This is where Changing Places facilities play a part; within the fantastic work of Visits Unlimited fits the growing demand and necessity for a Changing Places.

We hope to develop and build our relationship with Visits Unlimited to better understand the tourism industry, provide top quality education to providers and their teams, and learn where Changing Places can really make a difference.

[Lucy and Nick from Aveso, Mike from Changing Places and Matt from Visits Unlimited]