Disability Access Training. How accessible is your business/venue?

Are you meeting your legislative requirements?

Did you know that being accessible can help your business grow?

Visits Unlimited is a Halifax-based organisation working with attractions and businesses locally, regionally, and nationally. We collaborate with colleagues in the tourism industry to help reduce the physical and non-physical barriers often experienced by disabled people.

Also we offer a range of professional and friendly services to help you become more inclusive and disabled-friendly. We also aim to improve your customer service through our Access Audits, specialist advice, and Disability Training.

All trainers have lived experience of disability and have worked across the country delivering training to a wide range of organisations for many years. We are members of the England Inclusive Tourism Action Group.


With the help and support of Chris Cammiss, our Access Auditor, Specialist Advisor, and Disability Trainer, Chris will visit your premises to carry out an access audit. He will then write a report on what you are doing well and what you can improve on.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 people in the UK are disabled? That could be a large percentage of your target market. Ensuring you provide suitable facilities and services for disabled people should be high on your priority list.

It doesn’t have to cost the world to provide a welcoming and accessible environment for everyone. Sometimes making small adjustments can make a big difference. Good customer service is priceless!


Attitude towards disabled customers is everything. We can deliver training to members of your staff. It’s as easy as starting with a smile!

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

We run training and access audit programmes across England. Our clients include the National Trust, English Heritage, countryside attractions, football and cricket grounds, large tourist attractions, small businesses, retailers, theatres, music venues, museums, and hotels.

Providing the best service for disabled people will benefit all of your customers. Feeling welcomed goes hand in hand with meeting current legislation. Attractions focusing on disabled customers see rapid growth in their customer base, revenues, and profit. This opportunity provides businesses and attractions with a competitive advantage.

Visits Unlimited promotes the Purple Pound. We want you to take advantage of bringing in more income and attracting extra visitors and local people to your business.

“When everyone is welcome, anything is possible. Businesses that cater to the needs of all customers are most likely not only to survive but to flourish.”


Disabled people contribute £12bn to the UK tourism industry1; a market which no business can afford to ignore. Research shows businesses can potentially benefit from longer stays and more spend from the group where a member of the party has a disability. Watch the animation and get inspired to unlock the purple pound.  https://www.barclayscorporate.com/insights/industry-expertise/unlock-the-purple-pound/

1Great Britain Tourism Survey 2015”


Visits Unlimited ran the Accessible Hebden project thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) in 2015. Working with disabled people, we completed over 40 access audits and surveys on small businesses to support them in becoming more accessible.

This project is now embedded in local strategic work. The Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum continues to roll out the work and be a key player in new planning and designs.

“Our disability survey was extremely useful as we did not appreciate the things that needed doing. Chris gave us lots of useful, simple ideas, including changing the door knob on the toilet facilities, which we never thought about.” –

Pennine Heritage.


Accessible Calderdale is building on the successful work in Hebden across the whole of Calderdale together with Disability Partnership Calderdale. Our aim is to promote Calderdale as a place that welcomes all people and offers an accessible and inclusive area for those living, working and visiting here.

Free audits and training are available to the voluntary and community sector thanks to funding from CFFC and we are offering all businesses a discounted rate within Calderdale for an access audit and training.

“The audit actually exceeded our expectations. Chris was very encouraging, straight-talking about areas where change is needed and really positive about the nature reserve as a destination for days out. He even pointed out assets we didn’t know we had!”. Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve

The project has developed two working groups which meet regularly ‘How to get there’ with a focus on accessible transport, and ‘Places to go’ which focuses on accessible tourism, local events, organisations, the countryside, small and large businesses throughout Calderdale.

The groups are integral to the project and working to ensure that we can promote Calderdale as an Accessible Destination.

ACDAF (Accessible Calderdale Disability Access Forum)

Visits Unlimited have established the Accessible Calderdale Disability Access Forum who are a group of disabled people and those with lived experience of disability who will be setting the priorities, goals and working closely with services and organisations who can make a difference and improve the access needs of local people and tourists.

For more information on our access audits and costs for businesses please contact lorraine@visitsunlimited.org.uk

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