• A girl on an electric wheelchair in the Calderdale Countryside
  • 2 girls by a wall
  • A girl on an electric wheelchair by a Calderdale Stream

Consultancy & specialist advice

Organisations can be complex and your focus might not just be on an audit of your physical environment – you might want detailed advice on topics such as:

  • Legal status
  • Website accessible content support
  • Recruitment
  • Work place assessments to help a disabled colleague and so on

In that case get in touch with us to discuss your precise requirements with our highly qualified and experienced team.

We work with organisations of all sizes and interests, recently including:

  • Northern Rail
  • TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester)
  • Calderdale Council
  • Motability
  • Disabled Living (a national charity based on disability)
  • Cheddar Gorge
  • Longleat Safari Park
  • Raby Castle

and hundreds of individual venues, businesses, developers, architects and more.

Our Independent Consultant, a wheelchair user, travels extensively here and abroad. So, if you need to know about hand controlled cars in the USA, hand controlled campervans in Australia and New Zealand, paying sherpas to carry you and wheelchair over every stone in Machu Picchu or descending into the hot springs of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, we can help.

We specialise in Tourism, Sport and Travel and can transfer our knowledge and insight to help you whatever your issue.