Manchester City Football Club Helped Me Score!

Manchester City Helped Me Score The Best Goal!

Not being a football fan myself the over enthusiasm my son shares with his PA goes way over my head but I think as parents we did good this year and scored the ultimate christmas present for my manchester city mad 15 year old!

Manchester City Surprise.

Actually it was Groupon that gave us the idea; book a Manchester City Tour now! So I did but even with all of my background and usual obsession with forward thinking and planning I forgot to ask the ultimate question a parent needs to ask if they have a child who has extra needs: Is this accessible?

With fingers crossed I dived for the phone and began preparing my list of questions and hoped for some easy and clear answers, after all having just come back from Harry Potter World where we were spoilt with accessibility greatness I felt I was holding my breath.

What can I say? The whole conversation was amazing, I was put straight through to the tour organising team and their care and attention to detail wonderful. They always used his name as we spoke, his PA went free, they told me every little detail of where to park the colour of the car park who would meet us and everything in between. Manchester City were scoring high on my happy list. ┬áThe last thing the customer service guy said to me before the end of the phone call was; “We really look forward to meeting James and we’ll make sure he has the best time!”

Man City sang music to my ears!

What parent doesn’t want to hear that! I was so excited about his day out I was almost exploding when I told him (I had to keep it quiet for 3 weeks!). The ending of this story is that Man City pulled through on everything they said they would. James and his PA had an amazing day – even though his PA is a Chelsea supporter (think he kept that bit quiet as they’d recently beat Man City).

A leap of faith paid off so thank you Manchester City Stadium Tour team for giving my wee laddie a great experience and making us apparently the best parents in the world!

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