From Church to Rock Concerts…

Hebden Bridge Rocks and clearly Chris is enjoying his work!

There are many things to love about Hebden Bridge, just ask the people that live here or the people that visit. But the more Visits Unlimited work within it’s infrastructure, work alongside the town’s residents the more we absorb it’s true asset and that is it’s intrinsic drive of resilience.

Chris recently assessed Hope Street Baptist Church and soon found out that the residents aren’t the only resilient ones, the buildings seem to share that there determination to stay up and stay strong.

“My latest visit was to Hope Street Baptist Church. Big landmark with a presence, town centre, main road.  You’d think after being completely flooded out twice in four years with a church full of original wooden pews, walls crumbling with the damp, roof splitting and leaking you might be tempted to write the whole thing off.  Not so fast!”

“With typical northern grit the whole structure has been stabilised, pews rescued and plaster renewed with a midsummer date set for full opening! Quite a statement when we’re all sat there in hard hats with planks of wood above us to stop the big chunks of falling plaster and netting to catch the rest!”

But it’s not just church services that Chris has been invited too…

“I’ve also been invited to the first rock concert so I can see if my recommendations for accessible seating, and for inclusive hearing systems have been followed, and more importantly – do they work!”

So whilst Chris puts the hard slog of grafting in within the town, the preparations are being set for the training sessions which is content and premium rich so keep an eye out because we shall be advertising them on here soon as well as our social media page and via the Town Hall.

If you see Chris on his travels around do stop and say hi and we look forward to seeing you very soon.