A Concert that revived the 80’s in us all.

The concert that brought the 80’s back home.

Robert DeNiro’s waiting and he’s talking Italian. Well that’s what Bananarama opened with on stage at the Barbican in York on Saturday night.

Then there was Nathan Jones of course

I love a concert but since becoming a parent of a child with disabilities I’ve noticed so much more about them and those who go.  This time as the 3 awesome women pelted out it’s a cruel summer to a happy crowd I watched those who danced and sang along. The happy vibe shared by the woman in front of me with bilateral hearing aids, the gentleman at the front who had some great moves in his wheelchair.

Music has a way of connecting, bonding, opening the mind and allows hundreds of strangers in a room to share something in common for a period of time. How refreshing.

Concerts for all

The Barbican in York welcomed us all, the large opened doors prevented bottle neck squeezing through, the relaxed staff offering clear directions and information making it all seem easy from the beginning.

I asked about their accessibility policy and buying tickets; they were more than happy to explain how their policy is to ensure you have the best seats for your needs. With their accessible guides and maps they seem to have most if not all bases covered.

The large foyer with the bar and plenty of staff to help, signs large and obvious, clear and not fussy. I didn’t get to check the disability toilets but from the outside they looked accessible but that’s as far as I could see with those.

Ushers were there with torches and safety instructions and were more than willing to support anyone who needed extra help and there were wheelchair size spaces at the front making the venue welcoming for all.

And if you missed Bananarama don’t worry because Kim Wilde is on soon so I may see you there…

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