After the floods in Hebden Bridge we are really pleased to be working on a new project in the Calder Valley.

We will be working with the Hebden Bridge Partnership and Calderdale Community Foundation over the next few months and helping increase tourism to this beautiful town whilst at the same time improving accessibility.

Chris our access auditor describes the project: “Much of my regular work involves intensive study of a specific site. The prospect here of working with many people at a multitude of different locations is very exciting. I’m keen to help local businesses improve their accessibility in all sorts of ways, and to focus their energy so Hebden Bridge becomes a beacon of best practice in accessibility.

I’m hoping to work with as many local disabled people as possible so we can set in motion permanent changes in attitude which will mean Hebden will continue to progress long after the project has ended.

As a long-term permanent wheelchair-user, I’ve gained lots of personal experience of access issues as a very active tourist both by myself and with my large family, so this will be an excellent opportunity to pass on much of what I’ve learned.

Disabled people form a large percentage of the population – around 15%. With this population ageing the figure will rise. News spreads faster than ever these days so successful outings to welcoming, accessible venues will soon attract more and more visitors. I really want to see Hebden Bridge benefit here, rewarding their positive attitude in approaching Visits Unlimited.”