Dunham Massey Accessible For All

Dunham Massey National Trust

Dunham Massey invited Visits Unlimited to spend 2 hours training 90 members of their staff with our customer service and accessibility training package.

We arrived early to be treated to a rather wonderful and informative walk through a part of their park to be met at the end with some home made butternut squash and spice soup, fresh sausage rolls and sandwiches. It’s not difficult to love our job!

Dunham Massey is mainly run by volunteers and there’s nothing short of enthusiasm in everyone of them making it such a pleasure to deliver our training package.

Katie Clarke and Karen Hickton from team Visits Unlimited packed those two hours with practical, directive information that didn’t just deliver the academic requirements but allowed the space for the 90 strong crowd to really get a glimpse of what the visitors journey really looks like.

The audience representing this great National Trust visitors attraction gave us their full attention, the group exercises turned out to be so productive we took away lots of ideas as much as they did to apply to the Dunham Massey experience.

What we thought of Dunham Massey

It was nothing short of an excellent afternoon, we got a warm welcome from everyone and the only downside for us was that when we finished it was dark and we couldn’t go for more of a wonder around the grounds. Still, we definately were left with the feeling that we’d be going back with our families to see the deer again and get that warm welcome we know we’ll get.

We know how hard it can be to find a day out that ticks a lot if not all of the boxes if you yourself have a disability or care for someone who has. We definately recommend Dunham Massey because this team will work really hard to make sure you have a great day out and they focus on everyone having a great day out.

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