Do Something Different

Visits unlimited are launching a new project ‘Do Something Different’.

Do Something Different will be a web based resource aimed at families with children and young people. There will be a wide range of disabilities, plus disabled people and their carers/Personal Assistants.   The resource will feature a selection of venues, attractions, parks, walks, short breaks and will be for anyone who is looking for suggestions on interesting and varied days out. These will be based in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

Do Something Different will provide information on accessibility and family friendly places to visit each with a welcome rating. The resource will be easy to use and have downloadable information on each venue.

What ‘Do Something Different’ will replace

Currently families end up spending hours trawling the internet, looking for a place to go that is going to meet their needs. Families have told us that websites often do not have the relevant information and their access statements may not be family friendly.  Without the right information it can be off-putting even attempting to go somewhere new.   Families need to trust that when they go to all the effort of planning, getting their and visiting a venue that they have a successful and memorable day out.

Visits Unlimited survey asked families what was important to them when planning a day out or a holiday. Families told us that their priority is a friendly welcome and well trained staff; secondly they felt that good information was important to plan properly and know what to expect on arrival. Another important point is that there is good accessible facilities including Changing Places toilets, parking and helpful cafes make a good experience.

Do Something Different is a great initiative for families who will be able to access reliable information easily and be confident of a successful day out in Yorkshire and Humber. We hope that this will be used not only by Yorkshire families but will also encourage families from across the country to visit this beautiful region. All of our days out will be based on the recommendations of families with children with complex needs. But it doesn’t stop there. Venues will be contacted and staff supported to make sure that they live up to the expectations of our families and offer them a warm friendly welcome.

To get started we are launching the DSD questionnaire to get as many suggestions as possible from across Yorkshire and Humber. People can complete the survey through our facebook group ‘Visits Unlimited’ or on the website

We will be running the survey over the summer to get up to date information about the places you have been and loved visiting with you family.