More people making a difference, that’s what we like to see!!

So nice to see more people are trying to make a difference for disabled people like United Discriminates..

“UNITED DISCRIMINATES was formed in October 2014 after the Manchester United Disabled Liaison Officer, and MUDSA (Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association) Secretary told me that i should take my Family to “Rochdale Stockport Or Oldham” because they were not able to seat a family together if a member of the family had a wheelchair.


Since then, we have worked tirelessly to highlight the many discriminatory policy’s in place at Manchester United.  And requested that the club develop a range of facilities for people with all manner of disabilities and or needs.

We have Campaigned for a many things including accessible seats, access to season tickets for disabled fans, Family Accessible Seating, and the End of the MUDSA yellow card scheme, which banned disabled fans if they fail to attend a match.

We are pleased to Confirm that the Campaign has started to make an effect and we are now in Regular Contact with Senior Management at the club, who are it seems making efforts to put things right.

So far we have seen the Club

  • Introduce Accessible Friend and Family Seating
    The club have adapted 4 Existing Wheel Chair bays and Added a Row of Seats directly behind, which means that a small group or a family can now sit together at Old Trafford
  • End of Red and Yellow Card Scheme
    The Club have also confirmed this scheme has been scrapped.
  • Raise awareness of Issues Disabled User Have
    The club are currently conducting a review of facilities, policies and procedures with respect to supporters who may have a disability, with the objective of making significant improvements over the coming seasons.
    You can be part of this by clicking the link.

Manchester United state that there “facilities are considered to be amongst the best facilities currently offered to disabled supporters at any stadium anywhere in the world”.  United Discriminate want that statement to be true.

The campaign is starting to make real strides, and it seems that Manchester United are starting to listen and change the way in which they act.  The United Discriminate Campaign will continue to support Disabled Fans, both home and away, and raise the issues and concerns fans have.

Our aim is simple.  We want Manchester United’s Facilities to be as they say, “The Best In the World”.  That means not just achieving the Guidelines in the Accessible Stadia Guide, but over achieving them.  Which means we still will be pushing for.

  • More Disabled Seating
  • A fair and transparent Ballot Ticket Process for All Disabled Fans
  • The availability of Purchasing Season Tickets as a Disabled Fan
  • Greater Access to Other Parts of the Stadium, Not just the Ability Suite
  • Changing Places Toilet Facilities
  • A more Proactive way of dealing with Issues
  • Disabled Facilities, Seating and Facilities included in all Future Expansions plans”